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Top 7 Shaving Tips For Men!

The girls are always drawn to those proverbial Gillette ads. Although the handsome guys are partially responsible for this, the fact still remains that no one can resist a man with a perfect shave. Now one may argue that “I have been successfully shaving for years and know how to deal with my stubble” but you cannot beat the advice of the top professional stylists, barbers, and dermatologists from around the world.

Below you will see seven of the most influential factors and habits that the top dermatologists advise for getting a perfect shave each time. Remember, good habits start with you accepting them into your life. But anyway, these tips are sure to make a discernible difference for your face and others will definitely notice once you go through with them:

1. Multi-blade is no guarantee for a smoother shave

Contrary to what the ads advertise, a multi-blade razor is only as good as your technique. The other guy with a disposable will achieve a better shave if he does it in the right manner. That being said, any good quality razor will do the trick if you have a good hand. For men who have very sensitive skin, perhaps a beard trimmer is a better option. This is because of the hypo-allergenic blades that most of these are made of which is therefore safer and more gentle on the skin. In comparison, multi-blade razors can be very brutal to sensitive skin.

2. Shower as part of your pre-shaving routine

So apparently the movies had it right all along. The science behind it says that the hair on absorption of water become softer and are hence much easier to remove. Ever wonder why the barbers wrap a wet towel around your face? Well now you know the answer.

3. Invest your Time

True a shave can also be done in a rush but in order to look picture perfect, you need to put in your time as well as efforts. Time is of essence. If you rush through it, then you will not achieve a soft and smooth shave. In fact doing a shave in a rush leaves you with a limited time thus nit allowing your hair to soak up enough moisture. Result? Cuts and scrapes.

4. Brush it on

While the movies are spot on when it comes to shower before shaving rule, they did get a few things wrong as well. The movies portraying heroes splaying shaving cream onto their stubble with finger were definitely wrong! Use a brush. The shaving brush scrapes away the dead skin cells and if used in soft circular motion for the application of shaving cream or gel then it also aids in lifting up the hair follicles thus making it easier for you to shave.

5. Raze the Blunt away

A smooth shave requires a sharp blade. Even a small nick or bluntness of your razor can totally ruin the quality of your shave. The best way to enhance the quality of your shave is to use a sharp razor or blade. For those people who shave often, it is advisable to change the blade weekly.

6. Raze it in the Right Manner

The razor strokes must be aligned with the direction of hair growth. This makes it easier to remove the hair. Also it must be ensured that the shaving cream has created enough lather to coat the skin entirely. Again it must be taken care of that the razor strokes are smooth and soft so that force is practically not required to shave.

7. Cleanse and Pat

The skin is soft and sensitive after the shave, so cleanse it well with an all natural face wash so as to wash away all the dirt and grime you just endured. Splash on cold water and pat away the wetness with a clean towel. Softly rub an after-shave onto your smooth skin and you will feel refreshed.

Following these tips time after time will allow you to have the satisfaction of a smooth shave every time. While some of them may seem inconvenient, it is critical that you battle through it and continue to utilize these tips in your shaving regimen. Your dermatologist will agree to all of these aforementioned shaving tips and might even force you to follow them!

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Four Skin Care Tactics For Beautiful Skin

Your daily morning skincare is very vital and determines whether you’ll look beautiful the whole day or you’ll have to repeat some procedures midday. So why is it that some people look attractive the whole day while others are glowing in the morning only? Well, the difference is created by what they do in the morning before they leave for work. If you take the time in the morning and use the right products/procedures, your looks will last the whole day. Choose your products carefully and here the tactics that will make you succeed.

1. Use a Perfect Cleanser

You should rid your skin of all unwanted stuff in the morning with the help of a perfect cleanser. Do you always do this and using the right cleanser? Well, if you’ve not been serious about this, it’s not too late, and you can begin right away. Get a perfect cleanser and always ensure that your skin is in a clean condition before you apply any product. If you constantly do so in the morning, your skin will look beautiful the whole day. Furthermore, you’ll never suffer damage. With the help of your beauty specialist, get a robust cleanser and never miss to use it.

2. Sun Protection Is Very Vital

If you would like to enjoy an attractive skin the whole day, protect yourself from the sun and do not give it even the smallest chance to wrinkle you. The effects can be very harmful especially if you spend many hours a day outdoors. In fact, the rays are always responsible for the damage you suffer whether small or serious. You, of course, do not want to suffer such skin damage or breakout. With a working sun protection product, you’ll never be a victim of sunburns and related harm. Focus on this tactic and your skin will be beautiful the whole day.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Hydration helps prevent breakouts that result from dry skin. Though there are products meant to hydrate your skin, taking a lot of water is the best solution. Experts recommend eight glasses a day, but you can always go beyond this and rest assured of soft skin. With water, there is no excess or limit. In fact, the more you take, the more you get the benefits and stay healthy. Once you leave home in the morning, ensure you carry enough water for drinking throughout the day.

4. Perfect Your Nighttime Skin Routine

Your nighttime skin routine is important because of many reasons. Probably the most common reason is that after being outside in the environment during the day, your skin is exposed to plenty of chemicals and other factors that may harm it.

Before going to bed, it is the perfect opportunity to cleanse all the impurities that your skin has developed, and get it ready for full rejuvenation while you are sleeping. For this reason, we urge you to read our nighttime skin routine guide to get an idea of what you need to get started, and then practice from there. You can also check out Shani Grimmond’s guide below for more visual information that can be put to great use.

Your skin will glow the whole day, everyday with the right care routine. Though some of these options are pretty simple, some people actually skip out on them. So therefore, if you want to enjoy an age-defying skin, never ignore these 4 simple guidelines and you will see massive improvements and people WILL notice.

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How To Supersize your Fine Hair So It Doesn’t Fall Off

Having fine hair can at times be a hassle especially when it falls only after a few hours and can’t hold a curl. While such a situation can be challenging, the truth is that it all depends on hair care.

If you read our previous article on how often you should wash your hair, you`d know that super fine hair is one of the exceptions that requires shampooing often. With that said, all you need to know is the appropriate tricks and methods so that you can make that fine hair you have last through anything. Even humidity and sauna-like heat won’t be an issue or big deal to you.

If you practice proper care and adhere to a working routine you’ll in no time have hair that’s not only healthy but looks beautiful. Everything needs seriousness and care starts with you. However, you need the right tips since you cannot just do anything you hear from friends or family members. To make your work easier, here are useful tips you can consider:

Always Take Care and Keep It Clean

Dirty fine hair is prone to getting infections that will damage it and contribute to making it fall. To avoid this situation, keep your fine hair clean at all times. However, you should note that cleaning does not mean getting a cleaner and using it. You need to take the time to explore a wide range of hair products and only accept to use those that are high-quality. It’s better to use expensive, high-quality shampoo now than later do the same when hair is lost or damaged.

Concentrate on the hair roots and scalp when treating your hair.  Similarly, do not forget to concentrate on the ends when it comes to the application of hair lotion or conditioner. If you keep these useful tips whenever you are cleaning and treating your hair, you’ll never have to worry anymore about your fine hair falling.

Keep off All Things that Are Bad for Your Beautiful, Fine Hair

While this tip may seem obvious and one does not need to be told, the fact is that most of us ignore it, and we should be reminded. Many times we like copying what our friends do and we end up adopting unhealthy practices that are harmful to our hair. Pulling your hair so tight to an extent that it comes out of the roots is not acceptable and contributes largely to making your hair fall.

Furthermore, chemical treatments especially those that have the ability to change your hair drastically should be avoided unless your hair specialist recommends to you after examining your condition. Moreover, rough toweling of hair when it’s wet contributes to making your hair weak. Avoid all these and other bad things and your fine hair will not fall.

Practice Healthy Lifestyle and Your Fine Hair Will Never Fall

Like your nails and skin, your hair also is also affected by your general health. If you practice a healthy lifestyle, the chances are that your hair will also be healthy and strong. Nothing can take the place of a balanced diet and healthy living when it comes to having beautiful hair. You can buy the best shampoo and hair products but without healthy living, your efforts will be in vain. Eat fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich diet. Do not forget to take a lot of water.

With the above useful tips, having fine hair will no longer be a hassle to you. You’ll have strong fine hair that will stand through any condition. Put into practice and seek advice when in doubt. Your hair will look beautiful and admirable.


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night time skin routine

Finding Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

After doing lots of things, going through hassles and exposing your lovely skin to agents that damage it, you need an effective night treatment before going to bed. How you sleep and what you do to your skin before sleeping affects how you’ll look in the morning.

If you perform the right treatment and with the right products, your skin will look wow and thank you in the morning. There are skin care products and procedures meant for bedtime just like there are those that you must do in the morning. For healthy skin, here are the best skin treatments immediately before retiring to bed.

  • Wash Your Face to Remove All Makeup

Makeup should not get to bed because it’s detrimental to your skin. Together with dirt, and other daytime stuff, makeup is unhealthy to have when retiring to bed and, in fact, encourages skin breakouts that we all do not want. Remove all with the help of makeup remover and only apply those meant for use at night. You should pamper your skin with the right things at night if you want a lovely-looking, healthy skin in the morning. Night products usually have healing ability and are meant to carry out repair as you sleep. Clean you face and you’ll look good when you wake up. It’s not the same as going to bed with a face that’s full of makeup.

  • Make Use of Night Creams

Night creams aren’t manufactured for anything else but use when going to bed. Get the best ones with the help of your doctor and apply them on a daily basis. If you stick to using them correctly, you’ll never regret or wake up feeling bad and with damaged skin. You should always wake up feeling energetic and healed from yesterday’s skin breakouts. However, that’s not always the case with many people because they usually hurry to sleep because of tiredness. Washing and applying night cream is not a time-consuming task. Take a few minutes and you’ll never remain the same.

  • Boost Your Level of Collagen

Using products that help increase the level of collagen before going to bed is highly beneficial and recommended. Exposure to the sun and other factors contribute to collagen loss. With low levels of it, your skin will no longer look firm. Get products rich in Vitamin A and others that help keep the level at the right position. If you use such products every day and observe night skincare routine, you’ll be a beautiful looking person for many years.

These three practices will help fight skin issues that most people have. Keep in mind that you need to make your own unique routine and stick to it. This might take some time to get used to, but it is very worth it in the end as you can replicate the same routine for years to come.

You’ll look good and live for the many years that we all yearn for as we grow. With the right attitude, we can do everything and live the lives we all dream.

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What To Know Before Dying Your Hair

Getting your hair dyed is never an easy process. Many people just head to dye stores without perfect knowledge of what they need and why it’s appropriate to pick a particular color. Hair colorists advise that you take the time probably with your specialist days before heading to the store.

You need to know lots of things and facts, so when you kick off your journey, you know what you are going for and not just any type that will catch your eye. For a perfect color today, tomorrow and even forever, here are things to know:

Be Prepared for Small Damage

Applying color always causes damage to your hair, but no one tells you. Whether you are using permanent or the semi-permanent option, you must be prepared for damage because they all contain hydrogen peroxide that changes the hair pigment chemically.

There are plenty of guides on bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide, and for good reason.

To restore your natural shine and reduce the damage to the least possible level, you need to be prepared for it and consult your hair colorist for guidance.

You ought to get other hair treatments that will help repair the damage, so you do not end up getting shocked later when you learn that your hair was damaged after applying a dye.

However, this shouldn’t surprise you in any way because the damage is minimal and can be prevented if you get the right tips. So know this as you head to the dye store. Also, remember to wash very well after the treatment so that it does not get left over on your hair.

Buy a Shade that’s lighter than What You Want

From experts who truly understand the art of coloring hair, hair dye usually turns out to be darker than that image you see in the box. If you desire a particular color, then get something that’s lighter than what you want. Many people usually do not take this into consideration when buying their dyes and as a result, they end up with a color they do not desire.

It’s better to get a lighter color and apply it than get one that will be too dark. In fact, it’s very simple to intensify a color than to tone down. This fact is what may people do not know, but you now have facts. Get a lighter one that you, indeed, desire.

Length and Thickness Determine the Amount of Dye You’ll Apply

If you have long hair or very thick, be prepared to buy a few more boxes because such hair will always absorb more color compared to short light type. Remember that the color should have full coverage and not be applied to a few parts only. Therefore, once you decide that you want a particular color, buy a little bit excess boxes. It’s better to have more than you need than to realize when you are halfway the process that you bought a few boxes, and you need additional ones.

It’s good to have facts at hand before going to that store that sells dyes. Do your homework well and you’ll never regret later. Surprises are not good and, in fact, some can be a hassle top reverse. Consider all the above and many others and you’ll have amazing hair.

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How Often Do You Wash Your Hair? Here is What Experts Recommend

We’ve always heard that we should wash our hair regularly, but the problem is that regularly does not refer to a specific number of times. As a beauty enthusiast, you’ll come across those who recommend that you wash every day while others are okay with once a week. So for once and for all, how often should you do the washing? Well, we have collected facts from experts and here is what they have to say when it comes to this hot topic of washing hair.

Only a Certain Group Should Shampoo On a Daily Basis

According to beauty experts, it’s only a small group of people that should do the washing on a daily basis. These people have unique characteristics, and the best way to keep their hair healthy and looking beautiful is by washing every day. So who are these people? If you have very fine hair, or you do a lot of exercises daily that make you sweat, you are among them. Make sure you shampoo daily to get rid of the sweat and keep your hair looking good. Someone living in a place that’s very humid should also wash daily.

Sometimes people think that the presence of dandruff is an indication that washing daily is necessary. Well, you get dandruff if you have oily scalp and in such a situation, washing is the best way to keep your hair clean and free from the unwanted stuff. However, regular here does not mean daily. It can be three or four times a week depending on your needs and hair condition.

It All Depends on Your Hair Type

Do you know your hair type? It’s a fact that not all of us are hair experts. If you want to treat your hair in the right way, you need to consult a hair specialist and get knowledge of your hair type and recommendations on the best way you should handle it. That’s why it’s never good to copy your friend’s style of treating hair because your hair cannot be 100% similar to hers.

Hair that’s curly and thick can stay for a longer time without washing compared to the type that’s fine. The extent to which your hair is also processed has a role to play in determining how often you should have your hair washed.

Wondering how this plays a role? Well, oil the scalp does not move down the hair shaft quickly in hair that’s processed as it does for individuals with fine hair.

For body hair, similar rules apply. The great news is that there are ways to prolong your shave, so you will have less hair to clean most of the time!

Here is Experts Final Verdict about Washing Hair

According to hair specialists, at most, let hair washing be every other day. It’s highly recommended that you do it every two days and if you can stick to that almost religiously, go for it. You, of course, know that too much of a good thing can be harmful. That’s the case also when it comes to keeping your hair healthy through washing.

In a nutshell, understand your hair type, consult your hair specialist and be mindful of what you do to your hair. Avoid believing in hearsay’s. With the above useful information and a little bit of seriousness on your side, you’ll have the beautiful hair you want.

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Make Your Shave Last Longer With These 7 Tips For Women

Who doesn’t love smooth and hair free arms and legs? But the hassle of shaving is a bit too much. We all want to make our shave last longer and for the same purpose, keep trying tips from our granny to the latest advice by the dermatologists. There are several popular hair removal techniques including waxing and laser techniques, with the former being too painful and time consuming and the latter being expensive. Thus most women turn to good old shaving.

Shaving gives a sense of cleanliness and beauty. With a perfectly smooth and hair-free face, arms, and even legs you feel more confident and geared up to carry out the assigned tasks. This is true even for males at this point in time. The main problem for women when it comes to shaving is its short span and how often you have to do it to maintain great results.

However there are quite a few myths linked with shaving and making it last longer. In order to extract facts from myths, we bring you these 7 tips and tricks for women to help them retain their shave for a longer duration.

1. Shower before you shave

It is a well-known fact that hair become soft and easier to manage when they are wet. Thus showering before shaving allows hair to be immersed in water so that they are easier to shave off.

2. Exfoliate for a closer shave

The dead skin on the top of your legs can trap much small hair. Exfoliating ensures that the skin is free of any layer that would not allow the razor to work its magic. So exfoliate if you want to get a closer shave.

3. Use a Shaving Cream Liberally

Because the more lathered your skin is, the easier would it be for the razor to glide over your skin and the smoother will be the shave. Thus you can save a lot of time for yourself and avoid the morning rush by stretching your shave a few days more.

4. Start Afresh

The razor blade should not be nicked or blunt. Remember if you don’t use a new blade, you have more chances of getting nicked. On the contrary, the smoother and sharper blade ensures that you have the closest possible shave thus delaying hair re-growth for a few more days.

5. Shave along the Hair’s Direction

Mostly for the legs upward flicks will do but for the other body parts like the arm-pits, the hair growth is not consistent and grows in various different directions. Thus you need to shave in multi-directions to get as close a shave as possible.

6. Achieve a Healthy Glow

The application of moisture should be done while the skin is still a bit wet. Complete removal of water from the skin is ill-advised because it will cause flakes to form on your skin and will not give your skin a healthy glow.

7. Aloe Rubs are great!

Aloe Vera is one of the magical herbs that are a star when it comes to sin. If rubbed onto freshly shaved skin, aloe vera slows the hair growth thus making your shave last longer.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Shaving

Jack Kemp had it just right, Winning is like shaving-you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum. Shaving is a part of our daily routine and most men have been doing it for so long that they begin to do it just that way..… as a routine. It not only becomes boring but ultimately downright difficult if you don’t find it refreshing.

Think of shaving as an experience that has the ability to alter your mindset; you shave and feel refreshed on the outside which in turn will make you feel better about yourself thus you end up feeling good on the inside as well.

If you think you are the shave guru and have been doing it long enough to know all about it, we have a few surprises in store for you. Here are a few things about shaving that will surprise you.

1. Pogonophobia

As weird as it may sound, there are people around the world who are afraid of beards and the medical science has termed it pogonophobia. It does say something about shaving though. So if you want to ensure that you are always admired by the ladies, don’t skip that razor.

2. Professional Barbers are indeed better

The professional grooming persons are trained and adept at their job. They recognize the fact that the direction of hair growth is not consistent all over the face. Thus using their years of practice and expertise, they effectively shave so that the razor is aligned with the direction of facial hair growth and thus give you a better and smoother shave.

3. No beard Rule in Army

So have you ever wondered about the daily shave ritual in the United States army? Are you curious about the logic behind it? Well you are in for a shock. The ritual dates back to the days of Alexander the Great. As great a warrior and strategist as he was, Alexander figured out that the opposing army soldiers who forgo shaving could be held onto with their beards. Thus he issued the orders for his army to shave and the ritual was born.

4. Six Months

An average human spends about six months of his life in shaving. Now we know why men create such a fuss over it.

5. Only 1%

No matter how alluring do the shaved men seem to the women, men in general, still regard it as a dull and monotonous activity that needs to be done. In fact the research shows that more than 99% of the men hate to pick the razor in the morning and do it just as an obligation. Only 1% claimed to enjoy their time with the razor.

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