Top 7 Shaving Tips For Men!

The girls are always drawn to those proverbial Gillette ads. Although the handsome guys are partially responsible for this, the fact still remains that no one can resist a man with a perfect shave. Now one may argue that “I have been successfully shaving for years and know how to deal with my stubble” but you cannot beat the advice of the top professional stylists, barbers, and dermatologists from around the world.

Below you will see seven of the most influential factors and habits that the top dermatologists advise for getting a perfect shave each time. Remember, good habits start with you accepting them into your life. But anyway, these tips are sure to make a discernible difference for your face and others will definitely notice once you go through with them:

1. Multi-blade is no guarantee for a smoother shave

Contrary to what the ads advertise, a multi-blade razor is only as good as your technique. The other guy with a disposable will achieve a better shave if he does it in the right manner. That being said, any good quality razor will do the trick if you have a good hand. For men who have very sensitive skin, perhaps a beard trimmer is a better option. This is because of the hypo-allergenic blades that most of these are made of which is therefore safer and more gentle on the skin. In comparison, multi-blade razors can be very brutal to sensitive skin.

2. Shower as part of your pre-shaving routine

So apparently the movies had it right all along. The science behind it says that the hair on absorption of water become softer and are hence much easier to remove. Ever wonder why the barbers wrap a wet towel around your face? Well now you know the answer.

3. Invest your Time

True a shave can also be done in a rush but in order to look picture perfect, you need to put in your time as well as efforts. Time is of essence. If you rush through it, then you will not achieve a soft and smooth shave. In fact doing a shave in a rush leaves you with a limited time thus nit allowing your hair to soak up enough moisture. Result? Cuts and scrapes.

4. Brush it on

While the movies are spot on when it comes to shower before shaving rule, they did get a few things wrong as well. The movies portraying heroes splaying shaving cream onto their stubble with finger were definitely wrong! Use a brush. The shaving brush scrapes away the dead skin cells and if used in soft circular motion for the application of shaving cream or gel then it also aids in lifting up the hair follicles thus making it easier for you to shave.

5. Raze the Blunt away

A smooth shave requires a sharp blade. Even a small nick or bluntness of your razor can totally ruin the quality of your shave. The best way to enhance the quality of your shave is to use a sharp razor or blade. For those people who shave often, it is advisable to change the blade weekly.

6. Raze it in the Right Manner

The razor strokes must be aligned with the direction of hair growth. This makes it easier to remove the hair. Also it must be ensured that the shaving cream has created enough lather to coat the skin entirely. Again it must be taken care of that the razor strokes are smooth and soft so that force is practically not required to shave.

7. Cleanse and Pat

The skin is soft and sensitive after the shave, so cleanse it well with an all natural face wash so as to wash away all the dirt and grime you just endured. Splash on cold water and pat away the wetness with a clean towel. Softly rub an after-shave onto your smooth skin and you will feel refreshed.

Following these tips time after time will allow you to have the satisfaction of a smooth shave every time. While some of them may seem inconvenient, it is critical that you battle through it and continue to utilize these tips in your shaving regimen. Your dermatologist will agree to all of these aforementioned shaving tips and might even force you to follow them!