How Often Do You Wash Your Hair? Here is What Experts Recommend

We’ve always heard that we should wash our hair regularly, but the problem is that regularly does not refer to a specific number of times. As a beauty enthusiast, you’ll come across those who recommend that you wash every day while others are okay with once a week. So for once and for all, how often should you do the washing? Well, we have collected facts from experts and here is what they have to say when it comes to this hot topic of washing hair.

Only a Certain Group Should Shampoo On a Daily Basis

According to beauty experts, it’s only a small group of people that should do the washing on a daily basis. These people have unique characteristics, and the best way to keep their hair healthy and looking beautiful is by washing every day. So who are these people? If you have very fine hair, or you do a lot of exercises daily that make you sweat, you are among them. Make sure you shampoo daily to get rid of the sweat and keep your hair looking good. Someone living in a place that’s very humid should also wash daily.

Sometimes people think that the presence of dandruff is an indication that washing daily is necessary. Well, you get dandruff if you have oily scalp and in such a situation, washing is the best way to keep your hair clean and free from the unwanted stuff. However, regular here does not mean daily. It can be three or four times a week depending on your needs and hair condition.

It All Depends on Your Hair Type

Do you know your hair type? It’s a fact that not all of us are hair experts. If you want to treat your hair in the right way, you need to consult a hair specialist and get knowledge of your hair type and recommendations on the best way you should handle it. That’s why it’s never good to copy your friend’s style of treating hair because your hair cannot be 100% similar to hers.

Hair that’s curly and thick can stay for a longer time without washing compared to the type that’s fine. The extent to which your hair is also processed has a role to play in determining how often you should have your hair washed.

Wondering how this plays a role? Well, oil the scalp does not move down the hair shaft quickly in hair that’s processed as it does for individuals with fine hair.

For body hair, similar rules apply. The great news is that there are ways to prolong your shave, so you will have less hair to clean most of the time!

Here is Experts Final Verdict about Washing Hair

According to hair specialists, at most, let hair washing be every other day. It’s highly recommended that you do it every two days and if you can stick to that almost religiously, go for it. You, of course, know that too much of a good thing can be harmful. That’s the case also when it comes to keeping your hair healthy through washing.

In a nutshell, understand your hair type, consult your hair specialist and be mindful of what you do to your hair. Avoid believing in hearsay’s. With the above useful information and a little bit of seriousness on your side, you’ll have the beautiful hair you want.