What To Know Before Dying Your Hair

Getting your hair dyed is never an easy process. Many people just head to dye stores without perfect knowledge of what they need and why it’s appropriate to pick a particular color. Hair colorists advise that you take the time probably with your specialist days before heading to the store.

You need to know lots of things and facts, so when you kick off your journey, you know what you are going for and not just any type that will catch your eye. For a perfect color today, tomorrow and even forever, here are things to know:

Be Prepared for Small Damage

Applying color always causes damage to your hair, but no one tells you. Whether you are using permanent or the semi-permanent option, you must be prepared for damage because they all contain hydrogen peroxide that changes the hair pigment chemically.

There are plenty of guides on bleaching your hair with hydrogen peroxide, and for good reason.

To restore your natural shine and reduce the damage to the least possible level, you need to be prepared for it and consult your hair colorist for guidance.

You ought to get other hair treatments that will help repair the damage, so you do not end up getting shocked later when you learn that your hair was damaged after applying a dye.

However, this shouldn’t surprise you in any way because the damage is minimal and can be prevented if you get the right tips. So know this as you head to the dye store. Also, remember to wash very well after the treatment so that it does not get left over on your hair.

Buy a Shade that’s lighter than What You Want

From experts who truly understand the art of coloring hair, hair dye usually turns out to be darker than that image you see in the box. If you desire a particular color, then get something that’s lighter than what you want. Many people usually do not take this into consideration when buying their dyes and as a result, they end up with a color they do not desire.

It’s better to get a lighter color and apply it than get one that will be too dark. In fact, it’s very simple to intensify a color than to tone down. This fact is what may people do not know, but you now have facts. Get a lighter one that you, indeed, desire.

Length and Thickness Determine the Amount of Dye You’ll Apply

If you have long hair or very thick, be prepared to buy a few more boxes because such hair will always absorb more color compared to short light type. Remember that the color should have full coverage and not be applied to a few parts only. Therefore, once you decide that you want a particular color, buy a little bit excess boxes. It’s better to have more than you need than to realize when you are halfway the process that you bought a few boxes, and you need additional ones.

It’s good to have facts at hand before going to that store that sells dyes. Do your homework well and you’ll never regret later. Surprises are not good and, in fact, some can be a hassle top reverse. Consider all the above and many others and you’ll have amazing hair.